NLI Day: Connor Obert


Over the years, Saint Ambrose has developed a pretty fair football recruiting pipeline over to 10th and Jackson.

Hard nosed linebacker Connor Obert is the latest QND Raider to head north and become a Bee and should bring great tenacity and punch to his new program.

Connor Obert: "I'm thinking I'll play defense mostly, I've talked to them quite a bit about playing linebacker. I think I can adjust to whatever they need me to do and that's what I'm looking to do. I'm just trying to be the best I can be - I don't think I've reached my potential yet. I've been working hard ever since football season and just trying to start as soon as I can. Maybe on special teams this year, I'm not sure if that's a realistic goal to be starting on defense, but that's definitely my primary goal. I'd say a big thing for me is speed - I've recovered from my hamstring injury and gotten a lot stronger. I've gained about 30 pounds since then, so that's definitely been big for me and speed is huge in college. I've always kind of wanted to play college football, its been my favorite sport since I could walk. I'm just excited to be here and get this done and get on to my next step in life,"