NLI: Brock Butler

He's the quarterback, the shooter and the short-stop. If you never got a chance to see Brock Butler play, those positions should tell you how big-time he is. He's electric, folks. And Iowa Wesleyan is getting a special talent. He signed there as well today with his good buddy Jordan Nutt...

Brock Butler: "The coaches always wanted to talk to me, texting me all the time, calling me all the time asking how I'm doing, coming to all my games. I kind of knew they wanted me there and they knew I could compete at the next level with them and that just sold it with me."

"I mean, football on my body for the next four years as a quarterback is going to be tough on me. Especially the system I like to play in. I like to run the ball. I like to throw the ball. I mean, taking the beating like I do every friday night for another four, potentially five years, it's not me."

"I've got family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa too about an hour passed where I am. Then I've got family in Kahoka, Missouri, then my family here. I mean, staying close is a big thing to me but I just wanted to pick a school that fit me well and I think Iowa Wesleyan is."

"I'm going to major physical education with a minor in sports medicine. I just feel like I want to do something like Coach Meny does. I like being around little kids. I like playing games with everyone then I like, I want to be a head coach either in football or basketball. One one of those two. I like teaching kids the fundamentals of how to be successful in life."

"I'm going to miss my seniors, my brothers. I mean, coming out every night and putting on that jersey with them and just going to war with them every night even if we're down. I mean, it's fun. Knowing I've got them behind me and maybe if I'm not having the night that I'm having, someone is going to have it. I mean having those six guys with me through three sports the last four years have been great and that's what I'm going to miss the most."{>}