NLI: Ben Votroubek

Ben Votroubek will attend Carleton College for Football

Todd McGhghy: the thing that's unique about Ben is it doesn't matter. If you just tell him what you need out of him, he's a team guy, he's a program guy. He'll put in the work to make that happen and be the the best he can be at whatever that is. Both academically, athletically and as a person as well. He's going to beef up their program immediately.

Ben Votroubek: I love the coaches. They were very forthcoming, they came right after me, they wanted me. I really liked the relationship that grew with them. I knew a couple of guys that I thought we very very talented football players. Academically, it's one of the best schools in the country and I felt lucky that I got accepted and was able to do that because of football. That was one of the biggest factors definitely.