NLI: Austin Thrasher

It's been a season to remember for Scotland County's Austin Thrasher. The guy has been phenominal on the hill this year. In fact, phenominal may not even cut it. He didn't give up an earned run in any game. His final ERA for the season, how about zero-point-zero-zero. We'll have to get out the record books to see when the last time that happened. And it's not even what he'll be playing on the diamond next year in college..although it may only be a matter of time before they see his supreme potential. Regardless, North Central Missouri College is getting one heck of a player....

Austin Thrasher: "It feels pretty great. It's something I've always wanted to do when I was a little kid to continue playing baseball and keep going as long as I can."

"It was a nice small community, which I really liked. The coaches have a really good developmental program and I feel like it's a place that can help me make that next step."

"I'll be playing third there. But, here it kind of helped me out playing infield and working on routine balls and all that stuff. I'll get some pitching in there too but, I always used to play third so it's pretty natural to me."

"Over the summer I'm going to try and play as much ball as I can and lift weights, just try to be in the best shape that I can."

"I'm going to major in marketing. I've always been interested in business. Marketing just sounded right to me."

"I've built some good friendships this year and last year which is something I'll always remember. It's going to be good to have a new experience like that."