NLI: Audrey Meixner

Macomb's Audrey Meixner will take her supreme volleyabll talent to Culver-Stockton in the fall.

Audrey Meixner: "I really wanted to be close and I know that my family would want to come watch me. And I want to be there for them so they could come watch me. Canton is a great town and Culver is a cute little campus. I just love it."

Coach Caren Kemner: "I think in Audrey I get an outstanding athlete. If you've ever had the ability to watch her play or watch her jump, she definitely has the technique. I think it's just the matter of putting a couple good years together. But I mean, she's just so all-around gifted. And I think more importantly, she's got this wonderful bubbly personality that's just contagious. And every team needs that Audrey type person that brings them together."

Audrey: "I really want to go in to journalism, I love writing and I've always loved writing. I'm definitely going to miss the closeness of my team. You know, I've known them forever. But I know I'm going to get close to the team I have at Culver. You know, just being secure, knowing the school, knowing the coach and just having that sense of home, I guess. But I know that I'm going to fit great with Culver and Caren is just amazing, she's a great coach, she's a great mentor. And I know I'm just going to fit right in with the team."