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      NLI: Andrew Eilers

      Pitcher Andrew Eiler's signed his letter of intent today. He'll be heading two hours south to take his strong right arm to Lindenwood in the fall....

      Andrew Eilers: "It's really nice to be able to have my family come down and support me. I think my Dad enjoys it a lot.

      "I went on a visit there and I really liked all the coaches. All the equipment and everything was really nice. All the coaches really impressed me so I decided to go there."

      "I'm going to major in accounting. I'm hoping to be a CPA and play baseball, ofcourse."

      "The competition in the Western Big Six is really good. I've seen a lot of good players come out of the Western Big Six and it's good to go up against them. It makes me better. I still have to improve, but I think that just my command and work ethic, I think I can get the job done."