NLI: Alex Million

Alex Million kicks off a pair of QHS baseball signings this afternoon. The jack-of-all-trades can play anywhere you need him to. It's what helped him catch the eye of collegiate coaches. And by doing so, he signed his letter of intent to continue his career on the diamond at Northwest Missouri State...

Alex Million: "I went and talked to coach and have the opportunity step right in and start as a freshman, play as a freshman and make contributions. Decided it was a good fit and finally got the paperwork and make it happen.

"It's not too big, it's not too small. It's a perfect fit. All the guys are super nice. The coach is awesome. Everything about it just seems like a family and I just can't wait to be there."

"The Western Big Six is a great conference. A lot of great players in it, a lot of great pitching. So, you see close to what you're going to see in college if not what you're going to see in college. So, it really prepares you for what you're going to see."

"Mom and dad always being at the games, that's one thing you're really going to miss. Not being able to talk to them after the game. There's always phones calls and stuff after the game bu it's not the same. I mean, some of the best friends I've ever met have come from this school, so, I mean, I'm going to have to make new friends and never going to be replace some of them."