Nixon discusses tax break decisions in Hannibal

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon attended a roundtable discussion with local officials about the impact of special tax breaks passed by the legislature.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon talked tax breaks Thursday morning in Hannibal, one day after striking down a series of proposed exemptions.

The governor took part in a roundtable discussion with city officials at Hannibal City Hall.

On Wednesday, Nixon vetoed 10 bills designed to provide tax exemptions for Missouri businesses like restaurants and power companies.

The exemptions were initially passed by the General Assembly on the last day of the legislative session.

They would help businesses pay for things like equipment and electricity.

But Nixon said those exemptions would cut state and local revenue by almost $800 million a year.

As a result, Nixon said public service jobs would suffer.

"Those are basic services that are provided at the local level, demanded at the local level, and voter-approved at the local level. To undermine the quality of those services by a last-minute activity at the legislature is not the way to move a state forward," Gov. Nixon said.

However, the vetoes could be overturned by lawmakers in September.

Nixon said his next step is to hear from more communities.

"I'm going to go out and listen to folks across the state and these local jurisdictions - whether it's an ambulance district, a mayor, a fire chief - and look at what these significant cuts will cost local communities that have actually already passed these sales tax to make sure they're funded

"The bottom line is that this is a very real and significant problem that will most dramatically affect local jurisdictions," he said.

A two-thirds vote would be required of both chambers to overturn the vetoes.