NEW LOOK: Culver-Stockton Gets Modern Turf Field

What ever happened to those old-time football games in the mud and slop during a huge rain storm? Puddles scattered all over the field, cleats soaked from the water...sounds like a running backs dream as he hits the hole and changes direction..well good news for linebackers at Culver-Stockton, they won't have to worry about the field being to slick anymore. As of today, a new facility is on it's way over in Canton. A brand new stadium set to be ready by the 2014 season. It's Indeed an exciting time to be a Wildcat...

Things continue to get increasingly better for Culver-Stockton's athletic facilities.

Friday brought to light the 10-year deal with NXLevel Sportswear. A deal that will bring new state-of-the-art synthetic turf to Ellison Poulton field. A renovation that will directly impact the Wildcat football program as well as men's and women's soccer teams.

"There is a true commitment to our athletics and our student-athlete experience. One of the things that we've always tried to do his is provide the best experience we can for our student-athletes and providing them with a top-notch field to do those things is, to me, what it's all about. When we go out and recruit, we want them to feel like when they come here they're going to have true value to what they are doing. They are going to be on a first-class facility and it's great to see us going in this direction."

NXLevel Sportswear is a Phoenix-based company whose owner has local ties. Terry Ahern, former North Shelby football coach and 1980 Culver-Stockton graduate will be behind the near one-million dollar project.

Terry Ahern: "first of all, I'm a little nervous, a little giddy and this is something my company has strived to be able to do ever since my partner and I started talking about doing this, a sportswear company back in 1996 when we started in my home in Phoenix, Arizona."

The new turf will cut down on maintenance costs and give recruits a big draw when visiting. Something that's been lacking in Canton for quite some time.

Jeff Duvendeck: "It helps our staff moral, player moral, our players that our here today are excited about it. The fact that the school is investing, a huge investment, in to athletics and the football program, trying to insure success is huge for us. When I signed my contract here, we had a picture of turf up and a little sample in the football office, now we're going on my fourth season and I was wondering whether we were going to get it done this year. Kids see that promise and they get discouraged, so to see that come to fruition is very exciting for us."

Tyler Tomlinson: "This is a really good investment for the school, not only athletically, but socially and aesthetically. It's just going to look really good when you come over that hill with the brand-new entrance. To come down and see this great field, to see the NXLevel sign, to see the great work your company does, Jeremy. And how everything is going to be affected holistically for the school. I think it's going to have a really good positive impact and it really shows the direction our school has been going."

One more note on Culver-Stockton's new NXLevel Field..the first game played on the turf will be women's soccer vs. HLGU on August 27.