New healthy lifestyle campaign takes over Adams County

If you live in Adams County here's a scary statistic. You are living in the area with the sixth highest obesity rate in the state of Illinois.

That number sparked the idea for a new month-long health initiative.

"It's a campaign that's really aimed at getting families, kids and adults more active in a safe way in Adams County," Carrie Kimber said.

Get Active, Be Safe

encourages families to get outside but to also know the rules of the road before hand.

"Talking to people about how to be out on the roadways safely, runners, walkers and bikes," Kimber said. "But also educating motorist on what to expect from runners, walkers and bikes."

Kimber is just one of the organizers of initiative. The program is the brain child of members of the

Quincy Bike Club


Heartland Road Runners,

United Way of Adams County


Friends of the Trails


"We felt like together we would have more of an impact and we certainly did," Kimber said. "We met around the table the first time and it was almost electric."

"This coalition was a culmination of groups that are all working towards that same goal of getting people active but also giving safe place and safe ways to do so," Sara Reuschel from the Friends of the Trails said.

Getting active and eating better are both crucial parts to a healthy lifestyle but campaign organizers say the most important part is to do it as a family.

"Spending time with your family being active is so powerful and it's fun," Reuschel said. "We all need to have fun with our families but it also just promotes well-being and family togetherness."

"Kids always looks to their parents as role models so their parents need to do something, too," Bricker said. "If they can do it as a family, all the better. We want people to eat together, exercise together, to just be a fit family inside and out."

Kimber says she hopes to see that result at the end of the month.

"Whatever it takes, get out there be active but be safe," she said.

Trying to get your family to eat healthier?

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