Musholt makes 21st graduate from QND to attend West Point

Quincy Notre Dame High School senior Steven Musholt

Quincy Notre Dame High School senior Steven Musholt has decided to follow in the footsteps of 20 other QND graduates. And those footsteps are leading to the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Musholt is making this appointment a family affair if you will as his brother David will be a senior cadet at West Point this fall.

Quincy Notre Dame principal Mark McDowell had nothing but praise for Musholt when he introduced him during a news conference Wednesday morning.

"And we're just happy to have played a role and allowing Steven to do what he has done at the high school level and now to take that and apply it at the next level. And we couldn't be more proud of who he is, who he has become and we're very excited about what he will do," McDowell said.

And it's not just the students and faculty who are proud of Musholt. His parents were on hand as he came to the podium and announced he would be headed to West Point in the fall. He said visiting the campus when he was younger helped his decision.

"For some reason, I've just always had the inclination that I wanted to serve our country and then in order and by going to a service academy such as West Point I'm just able to receive a fine education and it just seems like the best of both worlds, get a nice education and serve my country so that's what drew me to West Point," Musholt said.

Musholt is ranked at the top of his class academically and he has put in more than 100 hours of volunteer time at local charities this year. He hopes that he will be a part of QND history like the 16 other alumni who have graduated from West Point since the mid 1980s.

Musholt will report for his freshmen cadet orientation at West Point on July first.