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      Monroe City to vote on new outdoor athletic facility

      It's an exciting time to be a Monroe City Panther.

      As Lankford Football Field remains a grass surface, a proposed plan has been created to change the field over to synthetic turf along with a brand new state-of-the-art athletic facility.

      On April 8th, residents of Monroe City will be asked to vote on a no-tax-increase bond issue to fund the renovation.

      "The nicest thing about this is the technology and security pieces will touch students and adults in this district everyday. Monroe City has been waiting for decades to have a full-size track. And we now have the opportunity to piece that all together and to put that in to place, so we can move on to other projects and exciting things for the community," Dr. Jim Masters said.

      "It's exciting to get on there next football season. Day one were going to be ready to go. And that's kind of one of the good things about this bond issue. If it gets approved, everything that we say is going to be ready for next school year," althete Cody Leonard said.

      "This process started two years ago and it started with identifying projects and prioritizing them, determining the best way to financially structure things out. And then once that decision was made, then we basically released a request for proposals and went through a bidding process," Dr. Masters said. "ATG is a company that has a strong history in construction. I haven't found anybody with anything negative to say about them. Good company to work with. And basically they say if it's passed on April 8th, they'll be here on the 9th to start surveying the property. And we will play our first home football game in fall of 2014."

      Dr. Masters says they are talking to a number of community groups and working with their campaign committee to get information out to voters so they make an informed decision on April 8th.

      Would you support the bond issue? Post your comments below or take it to our Facebook page here.