Model Citizen: Quincy Product carving out a niche for himself in Modeling World, Hollywood

Former Blue Devil Track and Field Star Billy Marquart has carved out an impressive career for himself in modeling; with credits from some of the biggest names in men's fashion. / KHQA file photo

Ex-Quincy track star, Billy Marquart is on the rise in Tinseltown.

He has been gruesomely murdered...on the Silver Screen, thanks to a little Hollywood Special Effects magic.

Been knocked clean out in the boxing ring, by Oscar De La Hoya no less, in a television commercial.

And yes, he's appeared in various states of dress and undress for every men's fashion magazine that exists.

Not to mention being dressed down in front of the entire nation by one of the meanest reality stars in the biz.

It's all in a day's work for Billy Marquart; a young man flirting with fame. And yet still proudest of the school relay record he shares under Kerry Anders' tutelage on a Gem City Track.

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