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      Memorial Day weekend Gus Macker fever

      Memorial Day weekend is upon us, but for some its not about patriotism, cookouts or swimming pools opening ... it's about basketball.

      This weekend will mark the 22nd annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Quincy.

      A Memorial Day weekend tradition, basketball enthusiasts from all across the Tri-States and beyond will be there to compete on the courts, do some cheering, and experience all that is Quincy Macker.

      Friday morning, Macker staff were already starting to set up for the event. The Quincy Exchange Club puts on the tournament every year.

      The money raised from the tournament will fund Exchange Club programs.

      "The Exchange Club's national project is the prevention of child abuse and so that's our biggest project," said Dennis Koch, Gus Macker registration chairman. "But we also do scholarships for "Youth of the Year" and "Accepting the Challenge of Excellence,". We recently just had our "Golden Deeds Award," we have a lot of programs like that."

      By the way, if you're planning to travel downtown tomorrow ... expect some detours.

      Whether you are competing in the local tournament or just a huge follower, you can visit the website for Quincy's tournament here .

      On the site, you can see the schedule of events, the local weather, the Quincy brackets and much more!

      KHQA is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Gus Macker Tournament along with Hy-Vee , Titan Wheel , The Butcher Block , The Quincy Herald-Whig , Refreshment Services Pepsi , and The Union Difference .