Marion County archers return from success at nationals

      A week after nationals, Palmyra archers reflect on their victories and prepare for the future.

      Each year, Butch's Sports World puts together a team of talented young archers.

      Butch Herold has been sending kids to the national title matches for archery for more than a decade.

      "I got out some folders the other day and looked through some kids that are 25, 26 year olds that went to state with us a long time ago, so we are talking when they were nine, ten, and eleven. We have been doing this a long time," said Herold.

      His squad recently returned from its national tournament.

      13 year old Cassie Hancock won a national title.

      Two of her teammates followed close behind in second and third place.

      "It's not a sport anymore. It is a life. I cannot see not doing it," said Hancock.

      With this year's tournament over, it is time to begin preparing for the upcoming competitions.

      Herold said that archery is more than just a sport to these kids.

      He said it teaches them life lessons and how to handle competition in a social setting.