Man of Steel: The Rise of Matt Suprenant


Macomb Wrestling Coach Luke Ladd is only half joking when he says that there was a time, early in Matt Suprenant's career, that he thought the lanky freshman might be lucky to win 20 career matches.

Last night, the now Bomber Senior claimed his 100th win, stepping up a full weight class and beating a state ranked foe on his home mat to get there.

Rags to riches stories come no more inspiring in High School wrestling....

"It's reallly a big step for me, especially only winning two matches as a Freshman. So I had a long way to go this season, so I really wanted to work to that."

'It's been hard work....he's put in a lot of off-season time, a lot of team camps. And he's just been a a good leader. And with that he took on the responsibility of not letting people beat him up anymore."

"I think it's my readiness. I worked really hard in the off-season and I just know that I have prepared for this. And I am not afraid to go out and win it."

He may be a comparative "late bloomer" in the sport, but Matt Suprenant's persistence has paid off. He has risen from Freshman Year "question mark" to legitimate state title contender as a senior; now ranked 3rd in the state of Illinois in Class A at 182 pounds. Tangible progress that has given him what was once the only missing weapon in his arsenal: confidence....

"It's pretty crazy. I remember looking at all the state rankings and being like, just wow. are really top notch and to think I that am one of those is pretty mind blowing, actually...."

"Yes. Very big accomplishments. But you know he got a taste of it last year down at state. Didn't come out the way he wanted it to. And he's hungry. He's after it this year.

I think about it (State) pretty much all the time. Every day. I go home...and I think about it. Go to sleep and think about it. And I think I have a great chance. It all comes dow to anybody can win it on any given day. And I think I will have a good chance."