Macomb American Red Cross no longer offering rides

The Macomb American Red Cross has been providing rides to seniors for more than 40 years. But in a few months, that familiar red cross will no longer be on van doors.

The American Red Cross recently announced transportation will no longer be a service they will provide.

"The Red Cross has just taken a stance that we really need to focus on what is our core services," Amanda Stotts, a spokeswoman for the Quincy American Red Cross said.

Because the Red Cross is doing away with transportation, another name in the community has decided to step in.

The McDonough County Public Transportation system will be absorbing the ridership program.

The program is used by all ... especially the county's senior citizens.

The transit director for McDonough County Public Transportation says despite the transition, no one will notice the upcoming changes.

"We want to ensure that the seniors and public know that we are still going to offer the same services, they can still call 309-837-7433 and get a ride and it wont change anything," Nathan Cobb, the Transit Director for McDonough County Public Transportation said.

Cobb says it will be business as usual when they take over on July 1, 2014.

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