KHQA Student Athletes of the Year

To hear from both of KHQA's Student Athletes of the Year for 2013, click the above icon.

"There are so many people here that have done spectacular things throughout their high school career, athletically and academically, and to be able to win this award is such an honor. It makes me not take things for granted and just realize how blessed I've been throughout my high school career. To be honored like this is such an awesome thing,"

"It really gives me a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I was good enough to be in this group, let alone be picked as the top selection from the group. I'd like to thank everybody who made that selection - it's a really special honor for me. Hannibal High has had the second biggest impact on my life next to my parents - I really love that school and all its done for me and I hope that I've given to it at least a little bit of what its given to me,"