2013 KHQA Illinois Offensive Player of the Year


Fullback, Quincy High

RATIONALE: Make no mistake about it: this is as much a lifetime achievement award as it is a reflection of the 2013 season alone.

Not that Quincy High's Malique Robbins wasn't his typical relentlessly productive self again this fall. After four years as a starter, we've come to expect nothing less from the hard running Blue Devil fullback. The only thing that has really changed over the course of his QHS Backfield tenure is that Malique's presence...and the attention paid him...has given rise to the success of those around him. See also the 1558 yards and 15 touchdowns Jordan Osborne and Bryce Unmisig carved out in compliment to him this season.

But at the end of the day, it was indisputably Malique Robbins who did the heavy lifting. Again.

His Senior Campaign, the bulk of which was spent working thanklessly between the tackles, churned out 1213 rushing yards and seven games that saw him crack the century mark on the ground. His per carry average, in route to yet another Western Big Six All Conference honor, was seven yards a tote. And he remained as good a red zone threat as the Tri States had with 15 rushing touchdowns. True to form, he also caught nine passes, two for touchdowns. And Malique also led the Devils in Kick Return yardage, netting 32 yards per attempt. It was, in essence, just another textbook season for Robbins; the kind his consistent excellence has made us all too casually numb to after all these years....

That is...until you look at the sum/total of what Malique Robbins has wrought at Quincy High

He finishes his 550 rushing attempt Blue Devil Career with three thousand, five hundred and 24 yards and 41 touchdowns. That's more than 1400 yards more than any other Quincy High back we can find in the schools football annals...and 13 more touchdowns than standard bearer Nathan Tate. His total yards from scrimmage? 4400. And the kid ends his career with 49 total touchdowns. Career numbers,as best we can ascertain, that dwarf anyone else who ever wore the Quincy High uniform. And its no small feat that Malique also presided over the first playoff win and home playoff game in program history. Absent only that elusive All State nod, Malique Robbins has fashioned a tremendous high school resume. And more importantly, if you ask anyone around the QHS program, they will attest that he did it, in every sense and with every practice and drill, the right way. Hard to imagine a kid more deserving of this recognition.


Runner-Up: Braxton Phelps, Brown County

Mike Johnson, Central (tie)

Fan Vote: Braxton Phelps, Brown County



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