KHQA Awards Week: THE DALTONS, Illinois Offensive MVP


2012 KHQA Illinois Offensive Co-MVP Picks

DALTON KEENE, TE, Jacksonville High

DALTON HEUBNER, RB, Central-Southeastern

It's not something were are typically prone to do...but when it came to declaring a Most Valuable Offensive Player this Fall in the Land of Lincoln, we succumbed to the logic that two Daltons are better than one.

And so it is that Jacksonville's Dalton Keene and Central Southeastern's Dalton Heubner share top Land of Lincoln billing here; a pair of unique, irreplacable talents that we simply could not...well replace.

One one hand you have a Tight End the likes of which the Tri States has never seen before. All 6'6 and 250 plus pounds of Dalton Keene burst on the scene in Jacksonville two years ago and promptly became a lynchpin in Mark Grounds spread offense; an almost indefensible mix of size and mobility who snared 664 yards worth of passes and hit national radar as Sophomore All American. And that was just the beginning. Some 129 receptions, 2117 yards, and 25 touchdowns later, Dalton Keene closed the book on a remarkable high school career, one that saw him snare first Team Class 5A All State Honors and cement his Division One recruiting pedigree with a pledge to Illinois State.

Dalton Heubner's rise to prominence started on a very different path. He too broke through as a sophomore, but it was Dalton's talents as a Defensive Back that first put him on radar. A master thief who would eventually become the all time interceptions leader in Central-Southeastern history. But it really wasn't until his Senior season that we saw what the Panther speedster was truly capable of. Considerable graduation losses in the CSE backfield made Dalton's evolution from complimentary to feature back the tipping point of the Panthers season offensively. And he delivered in a manner which did his predecessors more than proud. Fusing a dimension of speed to the equation that Central has rarely ever enjoyed, Dalton established himself quickly as the Tri State's biggest home run hitter. He averaged better than 10 yards per carry this season in route to 1507 total rushing yards. He proved nearly impossible to corral, with 22 rushing touchdowns, four more thru the air, and a Kick Off Return for touchdown as well. He was simply explosiveness incarnate. And it was upon his incredibly quick feet that football history was authored in Camp Point this season, the engine which delivered the Panthers the most successful campaign in school history.


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