KHQA 2013 Boys Breakout Player of the Year: West Hancock's Parker Gibbs

KHQA 2013 Boys Breakout Player of the Year

Parker Gibbs, West Hancock

The fans have spoken - no player was deemed to have had a bigger breakout campaign than West Hancock's Parker Gibbs. For a look back on his senior season, click the above icon.

"Probably one of the best feelings I had during a ballgame, was when a kid cheap-shotted Parker. As he jogged down the floor, he had kind of a wry smile as if to say 'that's not going to change how I play'. So, instead of going away from the challenge, he went right after it, and in the next few plays he dominated the post with defense and rebounding,"

It was that one instance that truly embodied Parker Gibbs and his senior season. His goal was to own the paint - and it wasn't long into the schedule before it became apparent that he would succeed.

"This was all his doing. I coach the kids that come to me and I encourage them to do certain things. Parker wanted to be known as the best rebounder in the area and I believe he was,"

By establishing his presence beneath the hoop, Gibbs proved an imposing X-factor for a 27-win program.

"It seemed like people would get near the basket and he would either block or alter shots. Guarding the rim, he was very good at, he was excellent at rebounding - one of the best I've ever had. That was all his doing, deciding that he wanted to be known for something and Parker sure created a niche on his own,"

Parker Gibbs played his game, his way. And in doing so, became the Tri-States biggest breakout story this past season.

"He really evolved - he's always been a nice young man, but now he's a nice young man that plays really tough. His junior year he was good at it and in his senior year he became great at it,"