Keokuk Soccer Rises

Cole Hinton: "We all came together. We knew what we had to do and what needed to be done. Everyone knew this would be our last game if we lost so we all pulled together and just played Keokuk soccer."

A.J. Swan: "Our second halves have been very slow so I think this helps us with our confidence knowing that we can score three, four goals in our second half. Even though we have our slumps, we response very well. And it gives us a lot of confidence for our next games and the games coming up."

Tuesdays full tilt second half rally is yet another indication of just how high Keokuk's soccer ceiling can rise. When the Chiefs do in fact summon their top-end game, they are a threat to anyone. And that positions them well for the tougher sledding ahead.

Hinton: "If we play how we did in the second half, I think we have a good chance of getting to state."

Swan: "When you get to post-season, it's almost not even about skills it's about who wants it the most and who can play as a team the most and who is willing to go all the way through the games."

Brian Boltz: "We seem to play better when we think the competition's better. We had that tough game against Atomal and Mid-Prairie. I think Clear Creek as far as I can tell is on that level. So we're going to come out with a lot of energy and play a tough game."

And for the Chiefs, that is defined by exploiting a terrific team chemistry and connecting crisp passes.

Swan :"It just seems like sometimes there's just balls that get passed in the back of the net. People like the 30-40 yard shots going in, but my favorite are the one-twos and the easy tap-in's that go in to the goal. Those are my favorite."

Boltz: "We've got seniors that put in a lot of work in the off-season and everyone came in sharper then they were last year. And you just couldn't ask for anything more from a group of kids that we have in this senior class."

Hinton: "We've played together for years and year and we just came together as a family. It doesn't get any better then that."