Hound Reasoning: Fort Madison adapts to a new basketball reality... Sky High Expectations


Jon Schmitz: "This was a new experience for us. To win as a group in the postseason, and at a neutral site, is something we haven't had to do before and haven't been able to do before. So hopefully it's the first of a couple."

Monday's victory was also validation for playing a brutal schedule down the stretch; one that may have allowed the Hounds to get better from being punched in the mouth at season's end.

Jon Schmitz: "Scorewise, I guess we have. But we've faced some pretty good opponents on the road. And actually we were kind of happy about that down the stretch, to have to travel and play some physical teams. Just kind of what we knew we'd see in the postseason. I think our kids, it was really a good experience for them because that first half Fairfield really, really came out and really pushed us and we were ready to go. We did a good job battling through, getting some stops, and hitting some shots. And did a great job from the line late."

Bryson Abbey: "We didn't give up on each other and we pulled through at the end, second half. So we just have to keep that up from the start."

Jon Schmitz: "Colton Herrick had a career high. Bryson Abbey also with a season high. Those guys really, really stepped up and really carried us at times when they were doubling Miles. So great effort from our role players."

Bryson Abbey: "I'm really excited. I think we've got a good shot. Just keep working hard in practice like we've been and we will be all right"