High speed fun continues at Quincy Raceways

Current owner Paul Holtschlag has decided to lease the track to a Jacksonville man and his partners

Starting in January, the popular Quincy Raceways racetrack will be under new management.

Current owner Paul Holtschlag has decided to lease the track to a Jacksonville man and his partners who say that the city's long love affair with racing was one of the primary reasons they decided to take on this new challenge.

If you pick up a clump of dirt from the racetrack at Quincy Raceways it may look like just that, a clump of dirt. But what it really represents is the hopes and dreams of hundreds of racers who have used the track to prove they are the best of the best.

And since about 2007 the man who has helped make those dreams come true has been racetrack co-owner Paul Holtschlag.

Paul is a very busy man from real estate interests to residential construction and he says that he simply does not have enough time to care for the track.

But that doesn't mean his love for the sport has diminished.

"Once you get in here it gets in your blood," Holtschlag said. "If someone who comes out the raceways on a regular basis and watches the races, it truly gets in your blood. It becomes a passion."

Paul has decided to lease the track for a yearly rate of $36,000 to someone else who has a love for sport.

That man is Ken Dobson.

Dobson and his partners have operated the Jacksonville Speedway for the last few years.

"We have a lot of fun doing it." Dobson explained. "We're race people but we also enjoy putting on a great show and having fun at the racetrack."

Dobson says what really sold him on the Quincy track was its long racing tradition.

"The speedway in Quincy is an integral part of the community." Dobson said. "It has a lot of loyal fans, it has a great tradition and it just seemed like an opportunity to do it all over again at another venue. It was very exciting to us and the tradition of the track really is what sold us on it."

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of Quincy Raceways and Holtschlag says the track couldn't be in better hands.

"Racing in Quincy has a great history and to see someone step up who has the experience and the knowledge and the ambition is just great for Quincy and its great for Quincy Raceways." Holtschlag said.

Dobson says he has no intention of changing any of the racing events at the track.

But he does hope to bring in some bigger shows in the future like sprint and midget car racing.

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