He's BACK: Luke Guthrie At Home Playing In John Deere Classic

Two years ago at TPC Deere Run, Guthrie played the tournament under his sponsor's exemption. The opportunity not only helped launch his PGA career but gave him a chance to continue coming back. And despite it still being a few hour drive from Quincy, he's knows he'll still have quite the cheering section all week.

Luke Guthrie: "Not only did it give me a start on the PGA tour, I mean, just besides that, kind of a hometown event. I got to play in front of my friends and family. I have a lot of people come and support me. Then I played well. It really bolted me in to my summer. That gave me a lot of confidence playing here that Sunday, being pretty nervous but in a good way. Being able to tame those nerves and play well and stuff. Really, the most important tournament that year for me was the Columbus event. Because, I had no status anywhere, got in a playoff and that got me status. So, kind of tie that back to here and it really kind of started me on my run."

Reigning champion Jordan Speith is back this year and he's been one of the hottest players on tour this season. When asked about the competition, Guthrie said it's great to see the game with so many solid young players. It's help everyone compete and bring their best no matter where they're playing.

Guthrie: "It's really cool for guys coming out of college, shoot, I still feel like I'm in college. It doesn't feel like that long ago. You're competing against these guys since your junior career and college career and you're beating here and there. Having a good rivalry and stuff. All of a sudden he's out here playing really well, even when the Ricky Fowler's came out when I was a freshman in college, it kind of gives the youngers guys a belief that it's possible, like, we can do this. I think that's why you see a lot of the younger guys coming out and play well right away."