Heavy Mettle: Plucky Quincy Gems just keep finding a way


It's been one wild summer ride...and through it all....injuries, losing snaps, player attrition...the Quincy Gems have kept their eyes on the prize.

And now Chris Martin's team finds itself just two wins shy of a Prospect League Title...

On the eve of the Gems final home game of the season, our Aaron Ferguson takes a look at just what makes this plucky team tick...and that special quality that may distinguish a champion.

Jake Ivory's walk-off hit against the Dans earlier this week proved a big boost, helping the team come together and believe in one another.

"I'm happy with my summer so far, but it's not over yet. I'm happy that in that situation I was able to help the team out."

"I've told the boys multiple times this week how proud I am of what they've been doing; finding a way to come together, not panicking when the pressure was on and finding a way to grind out wins. The last two games were complete team wins."

"It's part of us, we have guys that can chip away and when the opportunity arises someone always steps up. It's a different guy every night."

"There's no one in this lineup that you wouldn't want to have up and I think that's a great problem to have. I think we've worked well as a team this summer."

Without any prior cross over games this season, the Gems haven't had a good look at their Finals Opponent, the West Virginia Miners. But confidence is high...

"I know they've lost their top arm and one of their top hitters. I know they've been pretty solid the past year, as they have the past couple years. It's going to be a battle. We're going to have to find a way to scrap runs across and keep doing the job we've been doing on the mound."

"It's going to be difficult because we haven't seen pitching before, but I don't think we'll have a problem getting the job done."

"It's just another game and if we go out their and make it a big situation, we're going to run into some trouble. We're just going to go out there and have some fun with it. We have nothing to lose."

Collectively, they have one goal in mind: another championship to Quincy.

"I'm still a little heartbroken that I missed the first championship because I was hurt. But I won last year and I want to win again this year to help get Quincy another title."

"We're going there, so we might as well win it. There's no reason for us to want to lose. We just want to bring a title to Quincy.".