Heat puts financial pressure on the Gems

The 100 degree temperatures during the summer didn't seem to help the bottom line with the Quincy Gems.

The Quincy Civic Center Board, which oversees the team, heard that the Gems lost just over $23,000.

Rob Ebbing is the executive director of the Civic Center and the general manager of the team.

He says the fan base wasn't as high this summer because of the heat.

That resulted in a drop in food and beer sales as well as corporate sponsorship nights.

Ebbing says, "We want to keep baseball alive in Quincy and it's always been our mission of the civic center and it also helps us with our cash flow in the summer. But we want to do that at a break even or a profit. We can't continue to lose over $20,000 a year and keep baseball rollin, so we're going to have to take a hard look at different angles of our operation and see what we can do to turn this train around."

Ebbing says the Gems broke even until after the 4th of July when temperatures began staying close to 100 degrees.