Gus Macker fever hits as Memorial Day arrives

This is the 26th annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Quincy.

As the weekend nears, signs of both Memorial Day and the Gus Macker Tournament are appearing. American flags are on display and basketball court lines are taped to the streets of downtown Quincy.

This is the 24th annual Gus Macker 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Quincy.

A Memorial Day weekend tradition, basketball enthusiasts from all across the Tri-States and beyond will be there to compete on the courts, do some cheering, and experience all that is Quincy Macker.

The Quincy Exchange Club puts on the tournament every year. Money raised from the tournament will fund Exchange Club programs.

By the way, if you're planning to travel downtown ... expect some detours from Friday through Sunday.

Also, some local businesses will be closed, like Thyme Square.

One of the owners knows the tournament quite well.

"Won it twice, and I've got the sportsmanship and I've also gotten the toilet bowl, so I've gotten all four of them," Cory Shupe, co-owner of Thyme Square Cafe, said.

Shupe's business is right next to a couple of courts, and he says that's one of the reasons why it will be closed.

"The getting in and out, like the parking is kind of an issue here and then getting in out because the courts are right here in front of the business it kind of slows it up just a little bit," Shupe said.

Travis Brown of the Quincy Historic Business District says Gus Macker is hit or miss for businesses.

"You know a lot of people think, there's a ton of people, there's a lot of activity, great for business, really if you are a retail business, that really doesn't help," Brown said. "This particular crowd is, they're here to play basketball or here to watch basketball and its not a "I'm going to come in and take my time shop.""

But Shupe says overall, the tournament is good for the city.

"It brings in a lot of people, a lot of people from out of town and it does expose a lot of businesses down here on the square, so people do see businesses around here and what's available in Quincy and things like that," Shupe said.

He also says it gives him and his employees a nice mid-year break.

Whether you are competing in the local tournament or just a huge follower, you can visit the website for Quincy's tournament



On the site, you can see team


, a players list, coupons for the event weekend and more.

Will you be playing, supporting a player or avoiding the area? Tell us in our poll below!

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