Going to nationals in dance takes more than just talent

So you think you can dance?

There's a group in Hannibal that can, but they need your help before they can take the stage.

KHQA visited with the students at Karen's Dance Academy in Hannibal who are anxious to show their stuff.

There are more than 200 dancers here at Karen's Dance Academy and just about each one wants to go to nationals.

"Nationals is probably the biggest honor possible," Hannah Bogue, a dancer at Karen's said.

Bogue puts it this way ... it's like going to a bowl game for college football. Obviously, not every dance student can go to nationals, because you have to qualify.

"Most people, that's the hardest part is qualifying. Our kids always qualify, it's the financial burden to get them there," Karen Frantz said.

That's because nationals are usually far away, and it lasts for five days. So, there's gas money, airline tickets, hotel, food, and other expenses.

"If someone would like to sponsor. Sponsor two kids, the team. Anything will help. In the past, people would sponsor buses to get us where we needed to go," Frantz said.

The students are also open to fundraising ideas. Frantz says the kids want to do this as a team, and they are willing to work hard to raise the money.

Some of the current students have been fortunate enough to go to nationals and other conferences and they see the benefits.

"It helps you deal with the good and the bad. You're not always going to win and you're not always going to be the best. You deal with that by learning and experience," Bogue said.

"What's cool is when we learn, we get to come back and share with everyone and help advance everyone else's skill," David Jameson said.

"Dance is life. Dance is what you eat, it's what you breathe, it's what you sleep. For someone to care so much and put so much into a dancer by sponsoring them is just monumental to their life," Bogue said.

You can learn more at or their Facebook page.

Something else exciting for Karen's Dance Academy.

At the last convention, there were hundreds of dance studios competing, and Karen's brought home the Shining Star Award.

That award is given to the studio with the most well mannered students at the convention.

This is the second year in a row Karen's Dance Academy has won.

Karen and her students were on KHQA This Morning ... check that out here.