From Vision to Reality: Former QND star gives local athletes a place all their own

Story by KHQA's Aaron Ferguson

After a stellar high school run at QND and a hall of fame soccer career at Eastern Illinois, Audra Frericks decided to return home.

"Our goal is to create an opportunity for the athletes in the area to strength train and give them an opportunity that I didn't really have as a high school athlete,"

She and her fiancee Brian opened ABF Training 3 years ago for local athletes. This came after Audra discovered in college that she had a passion for more than just soccer.

"My degree is in exercise science. I loved my strength coach in college and got more interested in it and got more involved in that training, and really wanted to bring it back to Quincy,"

"We try to run this similar to a Division I program, we give them strength, flexibility and mobility - all aspects of what it would be on the field or the court. Also, when they leave and go to college they know what they're doing and have an idea of what they're doing,"

Athletes from 4th grade all the way through college are welcome and can find training targeted towards their skill set.

"Everything is pretty individualized. If there are 6 kids that play 4 different sports among them, everything is going to be sport-specific,"

Audra and Brian started with a vision and have seen it grow from day one. They've given kids their own place to work out and hang out with teammates, meeting ABF's goal of building well-rounded athletes.

"At the beginning we started with about 25 kids three years ago, and now we're at around 115,"

"We're always learning new things, new ways of training, making our athletes the strongest they can be and the healthiest they can be,"