FREAKS: Panthers Winning Culture

Accountability. Pride. Dedication. Three things you at least need to have to survive in the Panther football family. Camp Point's powerhouse between the lines has grown every season. Winning isn't a surprise anymore, it's now the norm.

Trey Flesner: "I think we've worked harder in here then we have the past few seasons. If we get just as far as we did the passed few years and if not farther then that's what we expect and that's what everyone expects around here."

Jason Dormire: "Over the passed couple of season's we've gone from a team that it's a surprise, a pleasant surprise to see us doing well to now we are expected to do well and it's a disappointment if we don't."

Those expectations are met through grueling offseason workouts. Weight lifting, agility, speed and focus. All which are tested to the max.

Flesner: "You can tell by the teams in the regular season who doesn't do anything in the offseason. Because offseason is everything. If you don't do anything in the offseason then it doesn't show on the field. When you get to come in here with fifty other guys and do agility stuff it makes it all the better."

Ryan Freiburg: "The weightlifting comes a lot in to the season. If we didn't weightlift we wouldn't be as good of a football team. Like in years past, our weightlifting program wasn't as good and it shows."

Flesner: "We bring a good amount of intensity on the field and it shows in practice too. Whatever you do in practice, it will show in the game and as long as you bring what you did in practice to the game then it should work out."

Central's new philosophy that's brought them success has been instilled by Brad Dixon. The head coach has brought a certain style that everyone's bought in to.

Flesner: "We're an intense group of guys and coach keeps us on that. He's an intense guy so it usually transfers on the football field and we've been pretty successful lately."

Dormire: "He likes to bring something new pretty much every year. It really helps to keep things fresh."

Freiburg: "He's definitely an energetic guy, keeps us going all the time, trying to motivate us, working in the weight room really hard, always pushing ourselves and doing the best we can."

Flesner: "He's not only a great coach he's a great person, a great guy. He gets on us when we do something wrong but he's always there to make sure that we know he loves us and he's there for us all the time."

As seniors, they're ready to give it their all one last time together in the black and golf. One Town. One school. One team.

Dormire: "We've definitely accomplished a lot in the last couple of years. We have one more year to finish things off and you never want to go down you want to keep going up."

Flesner: "It's a big deal to put on that football helmet, especially here at Central. We wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's a big deal for us. So, we have a lot of pride for the football team and everything so we want to make the community proud. It's a pretty big deal to put it on for the last time."