Fort Madison Sports Complex plan gets another big financial boost

The plan to build a sports complex is Fort Madison has received another big boost.

Catfish Bend Casino has donated $100,000 toward the fundraising effort.

As we told you last week,

Fort Madison discussions on building a sports complex have been going on for decades, but just recently the effort to move forward with the project started to take shape.

Once completed the complex will house playing fields for baseball, softball, soccer and football.

It will also be a big draw for tourism dollars to the community.

According to Matt Morris, co-chair for the Fort Madison Economic Development Corporation, adding the $700.000 dollars in grant money from the state of Iowa and the new donation from Catfish Bend to the more than 3 million dollars already raised, leaves only 300-400 thousand dollars left to be raised.

He says that the


will go back to the public to try and raise the rest of the needed funds to get the project underway.