Flying high by the seat of your pants

Ryan Delk gears up

Have you ever imagined being strapped to a kite?

Some people around the Tri-States are turning fantasy into reality.

"You actually have the aircraft attached to you. Five or ten steps and you are basically in the air. You have about a two hour window to fly so you have about two hours of flight time and you can come right back to the exact spot you took off from," Parafest Organizer Darin Logue said.

Your paraglider must be laid out properly as well as making sure you are strapped in.

"Our take off and landing areas are unlimited. You can virtually take off and land in someone's backyard if you wanted to", said Discover Powered Paragliding's Mike Mixer.

A few snaps and I am strapped in ready to go.

" The things that really got me into the spot is really two things. One, from a cost stand point, it is very very affordable compared to a conventional aircraft. The second thing is that is flying in its raw", said Logue. " I enjoy the freedom of just being out in the open harness really. I flew fixed wing ultra lights for seven years prior to getting into powered paragliding. Once I got my first flight in with powered paragliding I was hooked", said Mixer.

All it took was few steps and the paraglider was up.

" With this event, it really gets folks interested in the sport that really don't have an outlet. Come out do some ground training and kind of decide if it is something they want to pursue or not", said Logue.

All I would need is a propeller on my back to make my paraglider powered and away I would go.

Parafest is coming up in August.

If you would like to learn more about powered paragliding contact