Flash of the Titans: West Hancock Football finds its footing


Nowhere were the spoils of victory better enjoyed last week than Hancock County...nor were they more long overdue...

Ross Green goes in search tonight of a Titanic turnaround...

{<}"Last year we told them week in and week out not to give up and keep battling, its going to pay off here eventually. The kids finally saw what it takes to be successful and we came out victorious. Going forward into this week, they know they can compete and if we do the little things right we'll be successful every week,"

Friday night, it all finally clicked for West Hancock. After a stretch of 9 consecutive losses, which comprised their entire 2011 season, the Titans came out on top. And did so impressively. With a 45-point thrashing of Missouri Military Academy, the sight of a number 1 in their win column is more than welcome.

"Its a sigh of relief, but all this summer we knew if we had the right mindset, everybody on this team that we could be a great team,"

Whatever mindset they found in Week 1, it was the right one. The offense was able to unleash its weapons, with Coy Dorothy having a hand in 7 of the team's touchdowns.

"Hardy was making some big catches on 4th downs, and Schilson came up with quite a few catches, and Coy was a leader out there, He really took control there several times where he called his own plays because he was seeing the defense. I give the guy all the freedom in the world, if he's able to be a leader like that, go ahead and call the plays because he knows what is open out there on the field,"

And now, there's a buzz of anticipation in Titan territory.

"Kids are talking about it at school, and its giving us a lot of energy so hopefully we can use that Friday and get a win,"

"Come into school and little kids are saying good game and teachers are saying good job. There's a lot of excitement in the air so we're excited for it and can't wait until Friday,"

"I know the community might have doubted us but in our first game we came out with a boom and I know we'll have a lot of support this Friday against Monmouth-Roseville,"

After a season full of keep at it, and don't give up, these Titans earned what they had been working towards. Now with a taste of victory, Friday nights can't come soon enough.

"The kids really bought into it and they know their hard work has paid off, and with that enthusiasm and energy they feel they can beat anybody now. Its fun to get that monkey off our back and play week 2 against Monmouth here,