Extreme Makeover: C-SC upgrades basketball court, breaks ground on new softball facility

In 2012, Culver-Stockton gave its logo a major facelift, and by all accounts, its been a major success to this point. Now in 2013, the Wildcats will have the basketball floor and softball facility to match. If you thought the summer months were a quiet time for college campuses, think again.

Summertime means summer projects for Culver-Stockton athletics. When students return to campus in the fall, they'll notice 2 major changes on campus. One of them is a new look to the basketball floor in Charles Fieldhouse.

"It was one of those things that we were long overdue to have done just from a maintenance standpoint. This upcoming year will be 100 years of our school playing, so it will be a great celebration of everything coming together at the same time. We're very excited, the floor is great and both teams will enjoy playing on it and it will be a fun atmosphere in here,"

The floor took 3 weeks to complete, and features a two-toned wood surface along with a fresh look at center court and on the baselines. The court should add to the positive feedback the athletic department has received since updating the school logo just over a year ago.

"I think since we re-branded everything, its helped to re-energize the school, students and community. We've won more games, we've had higher GPAs - you can't really say its because of the logo, but its certainly re-focused everybody. Its been really good to see us make some progress going forward and I think its going to continue in the future,"

With one project completed, ground was broken on another today. Beginning next season, Culver-Stockton softball will no longer play its games off-campus at the Cotton Bowl. Funded by a private donor, a new on-campus facility, located directly behind Charles Fieldhouse, should be completed by the end of summer. The old facility has been sold to the Canton school district.

"The Cotton Bowl has been great to us, but it was time for us to get our softball student-athletes back on campus. Coach Potter and her girls are very excited and I'm extremely pleased to be able to break ground on that,"

In the matter of a year, Wildcat athletics have taken on a new look with plenty of upgrades along the way. A time of change brings a time of excitement in Canton.

"The excitement is back here in Wildcat nation and we're very excited to be going forward. We feel that this is the start of something really good, and we feel if we can keep going in this direction we can be one of the best schools in the region,"