Edge...of Glory: Talented Lady Pirates are turning heads on the Pitch


Last night, by virtue of a 1-0 victory at home, the Hannibal Lady Pirate Soccer team snapped Moberly's 48 game conference winning streak....

And improved to 4-0 as a team....sounds like something good is brewing in America's Hometown.

Katherine Allen: "I think everybody's going to underestimate us just because we haven't been so good in the past and we are the underdogs so we don't really have anything to lose."

Eric Hill: "Last night's win was big for us as far as I think we know that we want to continue to stay on a roll and keep this thing going."

Carli Watson: "I think this just makes us even more motivated to keep winning in our Conference. We haven't beaten Moberly since I have been in high school so that just gives us more confidence to keep wanting to move on. "

Eric Hill: "We have Mexico on Monday. We really want to get that win as well. Moberly was big but if we just come out and stumble on Monday, then it's just not going to be as important for us. They are two teams who are the toughest competition in the Conference in my opinion."

It's been an eye popping start for a Soccer program that hasn't been in this position very often, and there's plenty of mounting reasons to believe that the Lady Pirates burst from the gate is no fluke this season.

Teresa Sheffer: "We've been doing really well a practices. We've been mushing a lot better than we have the last few years. So I think its boosted our confidence knowing that we can work together. And that we can win."

Carli Watson: "This year as a team, we are all like, bonding a lot more. We connect passes. We communicate a lot more than we have in the past. And I think that's really been a good part of our team this past year."

Eric Hill: "Going into this season, I thought we would have a chance; an outside chance of winning conference. After last night's win. Moberly is the team that everybody else wants to compare themselves to in our Conference. It was a 1-0 win. It is early in the season, so we are going to have to play them again and try to take care of business again later on. Going out and playing last night the way that we did, I think that Conference is definitely something we need to be shooting for that we are going to be trying to win ."