DO Or DIE BOWL X: Wes Creasy's NO FLY ZONE

      DO Or DIE BOWL X: Wes Creasy's NO FLY ZONE

      Wes Creasy: "I love it. Just being able to cover the pass. Nothing we really did as a Blue Devil because we didn't see a lot of passing. But being able to see all the guys you look up to in the NFL, it's pretty fun to do what they do. It's pretty fun to do."

      You know you're going to face a spread offense this week. Being a defensive back in this particular this week has to be a lot of fun, just because it's not just pinning your ears back for the run.

      "Oh yeah, we're really going to see a lot of action this week. I'm really excited about it, not just to be a run stopper just in case for a safety. But to be able to get involved and maybe break up some passes and get some interceptions."