DO Or DIE BOWL X: The Wrath Of Malik Bondon

DO Or DIE BOWL X: The Wrath Of Malik Bondon

Malik Bondon: "The competition out here is the best of the best from every other team around here in this area. I'm enjoying meeting and playing with all these other players. Practice is going bye great, we're just jacked to get out here on the field. Actually for the first time, got along with some QND players, you know how the rival goes. I'm just kidding. Those guys are great, I like playing with all the other players from around here too. Everything is going good for me. The team seems to be bonding pretty good, playing together well. So, we're excited to get out there."

Now the West team is going to be running a little bit of spread but they also have Brock Butler. I'm sure you're aware of who he is playing QB. So tell me, man, how excited are you to try and maybe get a hit on him?

"Brock, Brock, that's my guy, that's my guy. But, you know, there's no friends on the field. So, before the game shake-up, after shake-up, but on the field it's going to be me and him."

Malik says this will be somewhat of a measuring stick to see where his game is at. He heads off to South Dakota State in the fall and wants his last high school game to be a memorable one.

"south Dakota is just amazing to me. The conference is very competitive, I'm ready to go play there also. So, getting a higher level of football before going off to college is pretty vital to me so I'm taking this somewhat seriously. This performance just lets me know how hard I've been working in the off-season. You know, people don't see it until you actually get on the field. And so, I'm going to try and show it off and showcase it because that's what an All-Star game is all about. Everybody going out there and exploiting their talents. This game will be bittersweet. It will be awesome to get out there one last time. Some players don't even go on to the next level to play football so they're taking this very seriously. I just got to play for them."