DO Or DIE BOWL X: Malique Robbins Final Farwell

DO Or DIE BOWL X: Malqiue Robbins Final Farwell

It's no easy taks summing up a career like Malique Robbins has put together. QHS's all-time leading rusher get's one more chance to put the final stamp on a legacy he's undoubtedly created.

Malique Robbins: "It's kind of a bitter sweet feeling knowing that you can pad up one more time and play some football. Some of these guys it's an unreal feeling to do this and be with the guys you've been with for a really long time. It's amazing. It's great to know you've put in that work all for years of your high school career and being able to finish and do what you've done the last four years is great."

Malique's next step will be on to play with Division II national champ Northwest Missouri State. And even though this is his last high school football game, he wants everyone to know this isn't the end. The rest of his journey is still unwritten.

Malique: "Just enjoy it. You know and make sure the people that are watching you understand that you've done this work that you can finally sum up and say goodbye today as a high school graduate and stuff like that. So, I just want people to know this is necessarily it but I'm with the people I've started with and it's going to be a good time."

"All these guys here are good and that's what it's going to be like in college. Obviously I've got to get a little bit bigger and understand certain offenses and adjusting to something that I'm not quite used to. I think that's the biggest thing I've got to work on."