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      DO Or DIE BOWL X: Future Hawk Kody Wood Impressive All Week

      DO Or DIE BOWL X: Future Hawk Kody Wood Impressive All Week

      Kody Wood: "Oh I'm very excited. We have a great class coming in with a lot of kids from the CS8 in general. It's good being here, I was here earlier today working on a little bit of stuff. Coming here and competing with all these great athletes is just a great chance to better my game."

      Coach Thompson: "He's been very impressive in practice. Like you said, I've kind of got a place in my heart for those small receivers. He knows how to get open, he runs good routes, he's quicker then I thought he was. He really runs well and he's interesting. I think QU got a steal on that one."

      Cody: "A part of it is work ethic. I mean, you got to work hard at some point you can't just be naturally great. Even those guys that have that great talent have to work hard at some point in their lives. And then also, it's the coaching staff around me. Coach Grounds and that Jacksonville coaching staff really helped me because I was more of a one-year receiver type at Jacksonville and they really gave me a chance."