DO or DIE BOWL VIII: A Saukee Swan Song


For many a player of Friday Night...the Do or Die Bowl is their last ever chance to buckle up a chin strap.

But there is another dynamic at play...

As Ross Green might provide the last time long time teammates connect in a game together: from snap to pass to catch.

{<}Petty at quarterback, Butler at wideout, and Lambeth on the O-Line. A mix of players very familiar to Pittsfield football fans, but also a trio that will take the field together for the final time on Friday night.

"Its awesome - its really fun to play with the guys you kind of hated during the season, but especially bringing some of your teammates from your school, its really nice,"

"We know each other pretty well and do a lot of stuff together so its going to feel good to strap up with them one last time,"

By this point, after 4 years on the same turf, this group of Saukees probably know each other's game inside and out. And having spent their prep days together may very well provide a boost to the East and Bill Reed's offense.

"There's a big chemistry factor; we've had 3 days of practice, the first day was a little sketchy but then we got better and better as the days went by,"

"You know what each other is going to do. Me and Dillon will send signals to each other so its good,"

Given this final chance to leave it all on the field, its worth noting what they've already left with their school and the teammates who followed them.

"Our record didn't show a lot but I think the leadership, hard work, and dedication that we put out has got to be our legacy. We never quit once, and I think the class below us and the class below that will follow up on that,"

"All 3 of us would go lift and spend a lot of time together. Hopefully the underclassmen will follow us and pretty much be like a brotherhood,"

And when it comes to a final memory they'd like to leave with their fans, this brotherhood is on the same page.

"Playing on that turf and throwing a TD,"

"I hope there's a deep ball for a touchdown,"

"The ideal play would be a perfect gun snap to Seth, and of course Seth would chuck it deep to Butler for a touchdown,"

You probably can't count the number of practices, drills, and games these guys have shared at Pittsfield. Whatever that number might be, its every bit as important as one final number: 60 more minutes as teammates Friday night.

"Its one last time for us to play together and one last time for everyone else to see us together,"

"Its always sad to play 4 years with a kid and after that never play again together, so it will be sad but we're going to go out and have some fun,"