DO OR DIE BOWL IX: West defensive line finding a rhythm quickly

"Those guys are going to really dictate how this game is going to be set and the tone of that game for 4 quarters. They're going to be in there disrupting what the East is doing play in and play out,"

West squad defensive coordinator Quentin Hamner knows exactly what his defensive line means to Do or Die Bowl IX. His band of bulky brothers clearly isn't lacking in ferocity, or the football IQ to go with it. And by all indications, the players are getting along just fine after 2 days of practice.

"They're huge. Getting to play with Kyle Kovar and Luke Ross - knowing they're bigger and stronger than you are is a good feeling to have on the defensive line,"

"It's really great to be playing with a bunch of players who want to be out here and want to give it their full effort, and I really look forward to playing with them the next few nights,"

"We all pretty much know what's going on, that's why we can get off the ball so fast and do what we do,"

"You know that if you make a mistake, you have the next best guy there to pick up your mistake and help you out,"

With an all-star group like this, learning the defense isn't the greatest challenge. It's more a matter of being in-sync on the field with only 4 practices together before game day.

"Its not tough at all - Kyle Kovar has been doing a great job teaching me the defense and I've picked up on it quick, so that's helped a lot,"

"Just getting them to play on the same level and understand the schematics of what we're doing in that short period of time is really a tribute to how they work,"

"Everyone seems to be picking up the defense really well. There's a lot of new guys but a couple of us who have experience with it, so the fact that they're picking it up and we're able to move things is really impressive,"

Here's perhaps the worst part of it all for the East offense: less of a learning curve means more time for the West D-line to pick out its goals for Friday night.

"Our goals for Friday night is to come out there and play together, fire off the ball as hard as we can and hopefully drive them back,"

"Win. That's pretty much it,"