DO OR DIE BOWL IX: Sturdy lines provide big advantage for Tyler Steinkamp

Tyler Steinkamp: "They just look so good....It's an honor to run behind All Staters that I've never had to privilege will be really fun."

Tyler Steinkamp's excitement is understandable. After winning just four football games over the last two seasons, the Mark Twain Tailback is getting a chance to end his high school career on a high note; and with more assistance than he has ever enjoyed before. And consider that this is a guy who managed to run for 1500 yards and 16 touchdowns last Fall, despit the obstacles stacked against him.

Tyler Steinkamp: "I think I have pretty good speed and vision and I know when to cut back and when to lower the shoulder"

Chris Duerr: Have you always been a physical back?

Tyler Steinkamp: "Not at the earlier years but my Junior and Senior year I started getting a little bit bigger and thought what the heck, why not....I haven't missed a day of weight lifting in four years. It was a good career at Mark Twain and hopefully I can end it with a win here."

Erle Bennett certainly isn't lacking for those kind of prized birds at running back. Whether it is the unsung Steinkamp, who is pledged to Central Methodist for college, a converted Quarterback in Austin Egley or a true power runner in Palmyra's Dilan Parrish.