DO OR DIE BOWL IX: Rolando Luna provides big stats and big laughs

Its a game based on toughness and size, but you may be surprised to find the most refreshing perspective on the sport of football comes from one of the area's most intimidating players.

"You just have to have some fun playing football. It's a game, you've got to have fun no matter what,"

Beardstown's Rolando Luna is hard to miss. Not so much for his imposing size, but more for the smile he brings to the field. His role as comic foil is every bit as valuable this week as his lineman duty.

"You've got to have those guys on a team, you've got to be joking around at practice and having fun. You can't be serious all the time,"

He's what you'd call a good locker room guy. And in his first season at MacMurray next year, the Highlanders locker room better be ready for a double dose of Luna.

"Knowing that my brother is at MacMurray helped my decision. Just knowing that he's going to be there is going to bring back the Luna brothers having fun together and playing football, its going to be a great time,"

Make no mistake, though. Rolando knows how to flip the switch once game day rolls around. And there's nothing funny about that - at least for his opponents.

"I try to have fun at practice and joke around with the guys, but once it comes to game time, I'm a whole different person. When I put the pads on, it's a whole different me. I'm just going to take them on no matter what, they can have the all-staters, that's fine, I just want them to know that I'm coming for them,"