DO OR DIE BOWL IX: QND's Nick Weiman will play his final football game on Friday

After establishing himself as one of the area's most gifted linebackers in recent memory, QND's Nick Weiman has decided Friday night will be the last time he takes the field.

"It was a hard decision. I'm going to Lindenwood and going into their nursing program, so I knew it would be a lot with both football and school. I figured with all of the hard work I had put in, it was about time to give my body a break and move on with life,"

To make a decision with that kind of weight before even graduating high school shows Nick is wise beyond his years. Now given the chance to play with a few of his old pals and former opponents, Nick feels it's perfect way to go out.

"A lot of these guys I've been playing with a long time. I know I've been with Connor Obert since kindergarten. With all of these area schools, everyone is out here fighting for a job and it's a lot of fun. I'm really excited for it,"

And this game has added importance for Nick, seeing as how he won't be the only number 38 at Porter Stadium tomorrow night.

"Both of my brothers played in this game, they're going to be there Friday night and wearing the same 38 that we've always had. I always bump up my level of play a little bit when they watch so I can kind of outdo them,"

Sooner or later, everybody plays their last game. Nick Weiman knows that, and is ready to close the book. But he's not walking away empty-handed. For as much as Nick has given to the game of football, the game has given back.

"Football is life, it really is. It shaped me into the man I am today - hard work, dedication, all of those things carry on towards your future career, whether that's in sports or a different job. It really helped me to become the man I am,"