DO OR DIE BOWL IX: Pittsfield's Zach Abney hopes to take advantage of big stage

The formula for the high school success of Zach Abney is fairly simple.

"Just a lot of dedication, and a lot of it is teammates - you have to have someone there to drive you the whole time. Its just a lot of team,"

When you take into account how far that formula got him, you realize how effective Abney's work ethic has been over the course of high school. The Saukee superstar pulled off both a 1,400-yard rushing season and a 2nd place state wrestling finish at 170 pounds as a senior. The reward for all of that? One final high school game under his former coach.

"I get to go underneath one of the coaches I've been with all 4 years of high school so its nice to be back out here. Its Saukee pride, so its nice to come out here and show what I have one more time,"

The thing about Zach Abney is, he does things his own way - quietly going about his craft only to show you on game day he's one of the most tireless bruisers on the local gridiron. Consider Do or Die Bowl 9 a coming out party for Zach, where he'll show what his 4 years at Pittsfield helped him become.

"Its kind of nice to be able to let everything out one more time. Going through all 4 years and now to be a senior, its nice to be a role model for the younger ages,"

And this really will be 'one more time' for Zach - Friday night is his final time on the field, as he's chosen to wrestle on the club circuit next year at Kansas State. Meaning we all get one more look at the Abney way of doing business - work hard, be humble, and finish with a bang.

"Its going to be pretty awesome, we're going to go out and kick some butt this weekend,"