Decision Day: QND's McPherson signs with Lake Forest

"The first time I stepped on campus, it was a great experience. Being with the players, coaches, and entire Lake Forest community was really welcoming. It wasn't just the basketball portion, but academically, the opportunity there was great and I want to take advantage of it and be part of a great tradition of excellence. I've definitely found my footing in my post game and what I need to do to help my teammates, what I need to do for success on the court. My improvement has been big in high school, but I hope that will continue in college with my commitment. I've been working in the gym, so I'll stay in the weight room and hope that will translate well to the college basketball game. When I started my freshman year in basketball, I had a lot of struggles, but I've developed self-confidence. The support and encouragement from my teammates and coaches to keep pushing every single day and keep working hard, not only during the season but in the offseason, really gave me a good idea of what Raider basketball meant. I was proud to be a part of this team - I thank my teammates and coaches for everything they've done for me. Its been a great experience and I wouldn't trade anything for the world,"