Culver-Stockton soccer in full swing

The men's soccer team is holding two practices a day, for two hours, six days a week.

This is Mike Prunty's second year coaching the Culver-Stockton College men's soccer team and this season his plate is full.

"When I arrived here in 2011 there were nine student athletes left over and this year we have a roster of 39," Prunty said. "We have 22 new players on the team this year so it's definitely a lot of teaching going on."

"When I first came here, the program was kind of down and with Coach Prunty bringing in all of these new recruits, he's really building up the program and getting ready for the future," Matt Havermale, a senior soccer player, said.

The team is holding two practices a day, for two hours, six days a week but they're not the only ones working hard and making changes.

"For us it is a rebuilding, we're happy to do that," Tyler Tomlinson, Culver-Stockton's women's soccer coach, said. "We're bringing in 20 news girls to the program just this fall a big step for us. We only have 13 returners so for us it is kind of a corner turn I suppose for building a new, better team."

This is also Tomlinson's second year with the program. Last season, the women had six wins and a tie, a record they hope to beat. But this new program isn't just about making goals on the field.

"We go twice a week, hour and a half at a soccer study table, where I'm in there with them," Prunty said. "I also teach here at the college, so I keep an eye on their academics."

"Studying is team bonding and it's helping with academics, so it's a good combination," Alex Martin, a freshman soccer player said.

And that combination of studying off the field and working hard on it is expected to pay off.

"In the end when these freshmen are seniors they're going to see great things and it's going to be a completely different from what they've seen when they arrived here," Prunty said.