Business Trip: C-SC has high hopes for national tournament

There's something unique about the month of March in college basketball.

"Its a great feeling, not going for so long. It's a great feeling to get us back on the map and get us into the national tournament,"

"Its March Madness, where else would you want to be right now? We're definitely excited to be part of this program, and not having too much success in the past years and for us to put them back on the map is a good feeling for us,"

As they prepare for the national tourney, the Culver-Stockton Wildcats realize there's a big difference between a field trip and a business trip. And this is business.

"We feel like we're the best team in the tournament and we're the best team in the country. We're going in to win it, we're not going in just to add to the legacy - we want to win it all,"

"I know people are going to underestimate us based on how long its been, but at the same time they'll know that we're not there to play games because of how much we've changed this season,"

"We're going there for one reason and one reason only - we want to bring a national championship back to Culver-Stockton. We've done a lot of good things this year with our number of wins and making it to the tournament, but we won't be satisfied with just winning a game or two; we're going there to try and bring it back here,"

Its easy to see that the Cats confidence is right where it should be - at an all-time high.

"I think one thing I can safely say is that we do not lack confidence. Its not cockiness, its just confidence from being aggressive, and I would be afraid of us too if I saw us in some of the games where we were shooting it well,"

While winning sits at the top of the checklist, this is still a rare opportunity. Regardless of the finish, Culver-Stockton plans to enjoy a ride 54 years in the making.

"I don't think these guys realize that not a lot of players get to go to a national tournament, and these guys get to go. It will be special for them now, but also down the road,"

"Going to the tournament is in itself a big accomplishment, but winning it is the ultimate goal. As far as being the icing on the cake, we're trying to make this wedding cake the prettiest one possible,"