84 / 67
      84 / 67
      86 / 70

      Brown County Alum Henricks, IC's Michael Bates earn First Team All Midwest Conference Football Honors

      Mitchell, Zank, Claim 2012 MWC Football Awards

      2012 MWC Offensive Player of the Year

      Al Mitchell, Senior, Running Back, Lake Forest College

      2012 MWC Defensive Player of the Year

      Josh Zank, Senior, Defensive Line, Carroll University

      2012 MWC Coach of the Year

      Jim Catanzaro, Lake Forest College



      --2012 MWC Football First Team All-Conference--


      QB Michael Bates So. Illinois College

      RB Al Mitchell Sr. Lake Forest College

      RB Lamont Williams So. Carroll University

      RB Derek Mortensen Jr. Knox College

      TE Aaron White Sr. Carroll University

      WR Austin Sobey Sr. Lake Forest College

      WR Tyler Mazur Sr. Lawrence University

      WR Joe Green Sr. St. Norbert College

      OL Will Savor Sr. Lake Forest College

      OL A.J. Ulrich Jr. Monmouth College

      OL Matt Hermes Sr. Carroll University

      OL Keith Lane Jr. Illinois College

      OL Jordan Willits Jr. Knox College

      K Matt Newman So. Illinois College

      K Ace Henricks So. Monmouth College

      RS Joe Green Sr. St. Norbert College


      DL Josh Zank Sr. Carroll University

      DL Justin Pflum Sr. St. Norbert College

      DL Kurt Frischman Jr. Illinois College

      DL Jake Rotkvich Sr. Lake Forest College

      LB Steve Korus Sr. Carroll University

      LB Mike Hendrick Sr. Knox College

      LB Adam Nitsche Sr. St. Norbert College

      LB Jordan Cruz Jr. Lake Forest College

      DB Neal Layng Sr. Carroll University

      DB Joe Gaines Sr. Illinois College

      DB Ed Dobernig Jr. Lake Forest College

      DB Austin Arts Sr. St. Norbert College

      P Brik Wedekind Jr. Monmouth College

      ST Mike Schroeder Sr. Knox College


      --2012 MWC Football Second Team All-Conference--


      QB Pete Scaffidi Sr. Lake Forest College

      RB Tom Sawyer Jr. Ripon College

      RB Cecil Brimmage Jr. Illinois College

      RB Trey Yocum Jr. Monmouth College

      TE Neal Moon Jr. Knox College

      WR Tyler Ostrander Jr. Carroll University

      WR Justin Cox So. Cornell College

      WR Cody Weber Sr. Grinnell College

      OL Zach Tamblyn Jr. Carroll University

      OL Sam Cluck So. Cornell College

      OL Travis Gullett Sr. Illinois College

      OL Tyler Jonas So. Ripon College

      OL Andrew Cullen Jr. St. Norbert College

      RS Andrew Clark Jr. Grinnell College


      DL Bryan Larson Jr. Carroll University

      DL Tom Brinkman Sr. Grinnell College

      DL Michael Garetto-Balmer Jr. Lake Forest College

      DL Sam Hoster Sr. Monmouth College

      DL Petr Bohacek Sr. St. Norbert College

      LB Geoffrey Miller Jr. Cornell College

      LB David Ternes So. Grinnell College

      LB Carter Cox Jr. Illinois College

      LB John Dillon Jr. Lake Forest College

      DB Drew Blumberg Sr. Grinnell College

      DB Dylan DeFauw Sr. Illinois College

      DB Aidan Price Sr. Lake Forest College

      DB Josh Vanden Heuvel Sr. St. Norbert College

      P Matt Traub Jr. Carroll University

      ST Ben Hartman Sr. Lawrence University


      --2012 MWC Football Honorable Mention All-Conference--


      RB T.J. Schaid Sr. Grinnell College

      RB Max Herrmann Sr. Ripon College

      TE Greg Alonso Jr. Lake Forest College

      WR Kevin Fuller Jr. Illinois College

      WR Dominique Dirden So. Lawrence University

      OL Mike Carr Sr. Knox College

      OL Tom Mitchell Jr. Lake Forest College

      OL Todd Groth Sr. Monmouth College

      OL Hayden Simonis Jr. Beloit College

      K Jake Gahart Sr. Ripon College

      RS Luke Versulien Fr. Beloit College

      RS Evan Whaley So. Carroll University



      DL Vince Osborne Sr. Cornell College

      DL Lloyd Scott Sr. Knox College

      LB Jon Hope Sr. Lawrence University

      LB Toby Cole Sr. St. Norbert College

      DB Jacob Lindmair Jr. Carroll University

      DB Nick Brautigam Jr. Cornell College

      DB Sam Wagner Jr. Lawrence University

      DB Luke Morgan Jr. Ripon College

      P Graham Fisher Fr. Grinnell College

      P Jon Gurchak Fr. Lake Forest College

      MWC Football November 14, 2012